Fabric Sculpture


Bookings are essential

Join me for a fun and relaxing day where you can create a beautiful figurine that will add elegance to your home or garden.   You will learn the basic techniques needed to construct a sculpture, they are simple enough to ensure that each participant is able to complete a small piece of their very own by the end of the day.  You will be amazed how a simple wires frame and a few pieces of fabric can give such dramatic results.

Cost of the basic class is $90. You will complete a small sitting sculpture approximately 50cm tall in this lesson.

The materials required to complete these sculptures are all provided.  

 Classes begin promptly at 10am and run till 4pm at which time your sculpture will be complete and dry enough to travel. A tall narrow cardboard carton (eg: a beer carton) makes an ideal container for the trip home.

Advanced classes begin at $120 and are available by request.

Host your own workshop at a venue of your choice.     Get a group of six or more friends together and the hostess will receive a bonus of $40 off the lesson.       Bookings and exact numbers are required

Paverpol Accredited Instructor Training

Take two days out of your hectic schedule to unwind and learn where this fabulous art form can take you.

At the completion of the class you will have created four different sculptures each designed to give you a different insight into this amazing way of creating three dimensional works.

These include An introduction to Paverpol.        Making armatures, frames and body shaping     Draping the fabric to create folds and the illusion of softness and movement                                                  Adding finishing touches, developing the personality    How to preserve restore and retouch your sculptures Plus hints tips and ideas 

This is a certificate course

Paverpol kits and products will be available at classes.

We look forward to seeing you


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