Photo Gallery                                    

All of my sculptures are handmade and individual. In this section you will find some of my work, some of which have now found homes in all over the world.

Currently Available Statues $40-250

Please check my facebook to see currently available statues. Like my facebook page to see new statues as they become available.

Previous Works 

These sculptures have already found homes.                               To order a unique piece made in the style and colour of your choice please email me

Sitting Statues $80-250

Sitting statues are available in both male and female versions


African Ladies (100cm) $120- $200


Angels (60-80cm) $120- $200


Bedouin Large (80cm) $250


Bedouin Small (50-60cm) $100- $150


Bedouin Single (80cm) $150 


Elegant Lady (80cm-100cm) $120-$250 


Fairies (Varying sizes) $40-150


Mermaids (50-60cm) $100-$200


Oriental (60cm) $120-$150


Specialty By Consignment


prices do not include postage and handling


If you are interested in commissioning a sculpture, please contact me for information. I welcome all inquiries.